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At Mayhem Metal Works our business philosophy is pretty simple. We strive to build high quality, innovative parts and offer them to our customers at a good value.

QUALITY: We make parts that will be used at the more extreme end of the 4x4 spectrum. The last thing we want is for a customer to be stranded on the trail because we could have saved a couple of bucks by using a thinner material or a smaller bolt. We would rather assume the worst abuse possible and error on the side of slightly over built. Our products are well designed, built right, and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. We will never sacrifice quality for any reason.

All Mayhem Metal Works products are made here in the good ol’ USofA, We never have and never will farm any manufacturing of our products out to overseas companies. We do occasionally use some component parts from overseas manufacturers such as hardware, you can be assured that any of these parts have been thoroughly abused to make sure they are up to our quality standards.

INNOVATION: We have no interest in making the exact same parts as everyone else and selling them cheaper!  If something is not totally unique or a significant improvement on an existing product we are not interested in making it.

Do not confuse this with “cheapest”, we will let someone else claim that title. In our minds value means offering a high quality product at a fair price. Sure, in some cases you can buy lower quality parts that sort of do the same thing as ours for a cheaper price, but you will get what you pay for. We try to keep our prices as low as possible but if you want the highest quality, best designed, and best built product you may have to pay a little more for it.

In some cases we can offer a package deal that actually saves you money over the competition (cheaper) while at the same time offering you a better product.

Mayhem Metal Works is a small, family run business which allows a strong emphasis on the customer. There are no automated answering systems or long call queues. When you call, my cell phone rings and if I am not welding, grinding, or on another call I answer it, Simple as that! 

We live for off roading and rock crawling, you will find us at most Southern California off road events and anyone is welcome to stop by for help, advice, or just to chat.

We live for Off-Roading and rock crawling, you will find us at most Southern California off road events and anyone is welcome to stop by for help, advice, or just to chat.

I started Off-Roading in 1994 and have built and worked on many rigs over the years including a 4runner, Samurai, and a rock buggy for myself and many others for friends and customers. I currently drive an 87 4runner on the easy trails and a Toyota based buggy in the rocks. At this point I am a one man show so I do all of the designing, manufacturing, and fabricating.

TEST PILOT:  Kim Hoagland
Kim is gracious enough to let me install all of my products on his truck, and in return he beats the living hell out of them and the truck in the name of product testing. This guy is an animal in the rocks, he does not let up and seems to think his full body Toyota on 37’s should go everywhere the buggies on 40’s go. If you want something tested this is the guy to do it. If it can survive his right foot and “can do” driving style you know it is pretty much indestructible.

  Peter Marshall
He has a fancy degree from one of the top engineering schools in the country and knows his way around SolidWorks pretty well so he comes in handy every now and then. Whenever I have a crazy idea he tells me what to make it out of and if I designed it correctly. He is also my brother so I can get away with not paying him which means lower prices for you.

She is my wife so she doesn’t get paid either but she does everything from keeping track of inventory, to packaging product for shipping, to answering the phone when I am busy.

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Custom work performed on:

Rock crawlers
Street Rods
Most other vehicle or non vehicle metal fabrication

Services include:

Assembly and installation of our products
Welding (MIG only)
Tube bending
Roll cages
Plasma cutting
Vehicle fluid system plumbing
Vehicle preparation
Custom suspension design and fabrication
General metal fabrication
Please Contact us for details.

Custom fabrication and product installation is available on a limited basis. Please Contact us for details.