Weld on Beadlock
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12" 15" & 17" WELD ON BEADLOCKS

WELD ON BEADLOCKS for 15” and 17”  Wheels.
15" beadlocks $360
17" beadlocks $400

Weld on beadlocks that actually center your tire on the rim! Regular wheels do it, wheels manufactured as beadlocks do it, why don’t weld on kits do it? When you clamp a tire bead between two flat plates of steel there is nothing to center the tire during assembly and nothing to keep it centered during hard off road abuse. We set out to solve that problem and came up an innovative solution. That solution is fourteen centering lugs that are evenly spaced around the wheel and welded into place on the inner ring to provide positive centering of the tire. The centering spacers are double stacked to ½” thick which provides metal to metal contact between the outer ring and the inner ring. This metal to metal contact minimizes coning of the outer ring and allows you to properly and accurately torque the bolts to 35ftlbs, other beadlock kits have you torque the bolts to 15ftlbs but it is impossible to do so accurately because you are torqueing against rubber and when you tighten one bolt the two beside it become loose. The reality is that properly torqued bolts will stay tight and loose bolts will get looser.

Our beadlocks are made from laser cut 1/4” steel and are held together by 28, 3/8” grade 8 bolts.

No one wants to spend all day searching for hardware and valve stems, so we include all of the bolts, nuts, washers, and 90* bent valve stems you need to install your beadlocks.

Grade 8 hardware is expensive when you are buying it one piece at a time from a hardware store. We buy our hardware in bulk and pass the savings on to you, this hardware/valve stem package would cost over $190 if purchased at my local hardware and tire stores.

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Kit includes:

4      Inner rings
4      Outer rings
56    Centering lugs
112  3/8 grade 8 bolts
112  3/8 grade 8 nylock nuts
224  Washers
4      90* bent valve stems

Installation on your wheels or new wheels is available, please call for details.

This product requires extensive modification to your wheels and is recommended for off road use only

This product requires welding that is critical to the safety, durability, and performance of your wheels. We recommend that all welding be performed by a qualified welder.

Custom work performed on:

Rock crawlers
Street Rods
Most other vehicle or non vehicle metal fabrication

Services include:

Assembly and installation of our products
Welding (MIG only)
Tube bending
Roll cages
Plasma cutting
Vehicle fluid system plumbing
Vehicle preparation
Custom suspension design and fabrication
General metal fabrication
Please Contact us for details.

Custom fabrication and product installation is available on a limited basis. Please Contact us for details.